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Tali Bogen - resume.pdf

Artist statement

Brennan Gerard (co-founder of Moving Theater) on Life In Shuffle:

Tali Bogen's photographs are statements because they refuse to make statements. 

No matter what they "represent," her images, seemingly coming out of nowhere and receeding back into nothing, are forgotten as soon as they are witnessed, disappearing at the moment of their manifestation, like Proustian memory and, when it is at its best, dance.  

What unifies her work is not content, nor some way of framing the image or using light; what unifies her work is the avoidance of all these "tricks" and anything that works to make the photograph a commodity. 

Like the best art, her images resist consumption.  Perhaps what feels so refreshing, and maybe a little bit off-putting, about her pictures is their militancy, their defiant rejection of the standards and practices that only serve to domesticate the transgressive force of art and satisfy our all-too-human desire for delusional escape from the chaotic violence of real life. 

Life (and memory) is in constant shuffle and re-shuffle, and that is our pain and our pleasure.  Bogen is onto something about the human condition: can you feel it?

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Forced Anarchist - interview by Joseph Arthur

I wanted to be in a frame
But they force us to be anarchists
She said
After she told me she left her world and went to mexico

People never touch anymore
And words have lost their meaning
She left herself
Or her world
With no papers or love or money

She worked on a boat and fell in love with a latina
The captain expected favours but she held out
She then broke her leg
"Ever heard of sea legs?"
And lost her way again
All the way to new york city

We hadn't seen each other in awhile
And so when we sat smoking she questioned me about everything
From painting to music to why I sit the way I do
I just evaded everything
Thinking about how the pull towards committing existential suicide must be increasing for us all
The community of void
The community avoid
Everything happens thru screens
Monitored and considered
To exist so fluently
With computers
Are becoming
More and more
Like computers
Its as if those liquid cristal screens
Have the effect
Of sucking our humanity
Like a magnet
Right out of us
Consequently the desire
To escape
The innerlockings
To free yerself from this web
Which a life almost always is
To burn it all
And start again
Must be great
For many

She said
People are afraid to touch
Sex has become as if dictated from tv porn and magazines
A series of moves
But a lack of just embracing one anothers energy
The world is what you make it I said
She said I don't feel that way at all
I have responded to a series of situations
which were not of my making
I then shot backwards thru memories and realized she could be right
There is no easy answer
People are afraid and lunatic and on the fringe
Burning murdering and consuming each other for sport
The technology for a full on police state is already upon on
The next and most important ingredient
Is being mass manufactured and an ever increasing and alarming rate


She said she went to the ocean because if people are too afraid to touch
The ocean never will be
The ocean is all around us tho
Salvation lies within
Think of it as a series of disappointments
Which guide you like a student
To the ultimate
To the truth
and the need for that truth is called faith

She got used to my silence
We sat in the late afternoon
Still humid and oppressed by the day gone by
She looked at a girl walking past and then gave me a look
You see that
I said
You like her?
She said yeah
But she's straight
I don't do straight girls anymore
Why not?
I asked
Because they always blame me when its too good.