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How did I wind up framing anti-documentary dances? The answer might be deduced from a fortuitous combination of cards, circumstances and an art of life - organically named “Life in Shuffle”.

Migrator since I can recall myself, the need to shoot (or pretend to document in any other way for that matter) sprouted in me relatively late in the course of my life but when it did, it was obvious that everything I ever experienced and lived brought me directly to think, communicate and express myself in this particular way.

At first it was, through books, movies, art and music that i traveled. Growing up in the contrast between, the beautiful surreal ideals and feelings of freedom and humanism all these gave me, and the ever conflictual state that surrounded me - where it's easy to want to see absolute good and bad - i guess my instincts were to apply the fiction upon the reality dreaming I can do anything to mend it. Later on, while my wanderlust taking me through many different lives, positions and realities in a globalizing world - disillusions were bound to happen and to force me to try accepting life as is.

That's where the camera came to my salvation - it gave me a mean of linkage to reality through my own surrealist prisms. Now I can capture in a moment any scene, composition and rhythm that's moves or intrigues me in reality, and apply it to any story, movie and ideal my experience can make me see and express. Not necessarily looking to capture the news or actuality, i'd rather shoot its implications and repercussions on the individual in its relative context and culture.

In that manner, life in shuffle witnesses time as art rather than a scheme of thinking, whereas my pictures are inspired from a spontaneous emotion and trigger rather than a premeditated idea or judgement.

"life in shuffle" is the fruit and after math of an extra-traditional culture of information, images and senses on the edge of addiction, that led me into a semiotic analysis of deconstruction and relativism of the real and mostly of it's modes of representation and clichés.

Overwhelmed by the mutational society systems of fear and consumption that control us - my eye subjectively focalizes on the beauty and life of right here and right now, on the human condition no matter where and how, transforming random details of real into imaginary universal particles, in a constant search of a parallel harmony.

Where I find the pertinency of “life in shuffle” as a long term documentary project may be illustrated through the emblematic correspondence between 2 of my ever inspiring references: to HCB’s apprehensions about Martin Parr’s work where he found a "nihilistic attitude symptomatic of society today", as well as that he was from a completely different planet for him – Parr asserted that indeed they saw the world in very different ways, but asking, "Why shoot the messenger?"

What are the symptoms of an ever polarizing society, debilitated by concerted disinformation and instrumentation, oblivious by dogmatized fears? some of the answers (insh'alla some cures...) but still a lot of questions - may be deduced from a fortuitous combination of cards, circumstances and an art of life - organically named “Life in Shuffle”.

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The shuffled pictures presented here is only a small and ephemeral part of an on going and ever-revolving molecular dance project. It has seen its manifestations till today in this website, in many collectors custum made shuffle-readings dvd trips, as a card game box (pictures below) and in numerous nomadic collaborative multi-sensual live performances .

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